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Aug 25 — Veronica Anderson, 42, found in her car in Penketh, near Warrington. The killed left a bloodstained glove in the car. Case unsolved.

The Serial Killer, The Traveller’s Daughter, and the Cover Ups

Aug 17 — Roberta Armstrong, 15, and 6 other people — shot at a shopping mall, Strathfield Plaza in west Sydney, Australia. Wade Frankum, 33, a part-time taxi driver, later shot himself. Aug 14 — Paul Pearson, 7, from Marske-by-the-Sea — strangled with garden twine after he cycled past allotment at Saltburn, Cleveland.

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Her brother, Simon McBride, 15, was convicted of killing her. He had sexually abused her. Anthony Craven, 18, who had been taunted about being a virgin, was responsible. He was jailed for life in Aug 10 — Sharon Hoare, 19, typist turned prostitute, originally from Yate, near Bristol — battered, stripped and throttled at her flat in Fulham. Aug 7 — Edith Rogers, 82, a widow, was violated and robbed of 70 pounds at her home near New Houghton, Derbyshire.

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Carl Walker, 26, an unemployed miner, and neighbour, was jailed for life for a minimum of 20 years after being convicted of murder in He spent the proceeds of the robbery in a nightclub. Bodies dumped in a wood near Tournai in Belgium. Contract killer Jimmy Moody is widely believed to have carried out the shooting. He himself died in Never convicted of the murder. Aug 2 — Sarah Turner, 21, art student from Ewell, Surrey. She was strangled at Leith Hill, near Dorking, Surrey. He told doctors he thought she was the Devil. Paul Watts, 25, was jailed for life in at Nottingham CC for murdering his father and brother.

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  8. The court was told he heard voices telling him they were vampires. July 31 — Brian Smith, 32, father of 3 — shot dead as he slept at home in Watlington, Norfolk. Kelvin McMahon, 24, from Hounslow, was acquitted of murder at a trial in It had been a fight over 2 pounds worth of cannabis. He was released in and moved to be with his parents, who had moved back to Northern Ireland. He was freed from prison in but recalled in He fled an open prison in July 10 — Julie Dart, 18, prostitute — kidnapped from Leeds and then dumped in a field near Grantham, Lincolnshire.

    Her killer was toolmaker Michael Sams, 50, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, who later kidnapped Birmingham estate agent Stephanie Slater and held her captive for a week while awaiting a ransom.

    Five women die at mental health hospital and the questions remain

    Slater was freed. Sams was convicted in July at Nottingham CC and was given four life sentences. July — Marika Sparfeldt, 34, run over with a car at riding stables near Bremen, Germany. Christine Dryland, 42, the wife of a British Army major serving in Germany, was convicted but received a 12 month supervision order because of her severe depression.


    The lenient sentence caused resentment in Germany. Jun 30 — Sonia Forsythe, 13, battered to death and hidden under a coal bunker in north Belfast. Junior Craig, 26, was jailed for life for murder. Jun 20 — Harry Collinson, 46, council planning officer — shot outside an illegally built bungalow in Consett, County Durham, while serving an enforcement notice. Albert Dryden, 51, an unemployed steel worker, took exception to the planning order and shot Mr Collinson.

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    Killer may have been the Midlands Ripper. June — Ghislaine Marchal, 65, rich, highly-educated French widow — stabbed 3 times in the throat at her home in Chemin St Barthelemy, above Cannes, France. Her Moroccan gardener Omar Raddad, 31, pleaded guilty and was jailed for life in Feb He spent time in Grasse prison. Freed in after President Chirac gave him a presidential pardon after pressure from King Hassan of Morocco. Defence lawyers said the victim would not have used such a grammatically bad mistake. Her husband John was having an affair with Michelle Taylor at the time.

    Michelle Taylor and her sister Lisa went on trial and were convicted of murder and jailed for life in They were both freed on appeal in after the Court of Appeal unearthed new evidence. Jun 1 — Katherine Ayling, 24, from Littlehampton. Vanished from Alsager College in Cheshire. Body found in a car at Gatwick airport. Her killer was her obsessive American ex-boyfriend, Curtis Howard, 23, who was extradited from Boston and jailed for life in Jun — Ian Dyson, 48, from the south Acton estate.

    He was killed in the Crown pub in south Acton. Building worker Andrew Bourke, 25, went on the run to Birmingham but was arrested and convicted of manslaughter. Jailed for 7 years. She went on trial in April It was assumed to be a suicide pact. He confessed and in he was jailed for life with a minimum term of 21 years. His lover, Hazel Stewart, was jailed for life with a minimum of 18 years although she still protests her innocence.

    Apr — Diane Watson, 16, schoolgirl — stabbed during break time at Whitehill secondary school in Glasgow. Case was mentioned at Leveson Inquiry. Apr — Vandanaden Patel, 21 — murdered by her husband Jayantibhai Patel, 34, from Clapton, east London, in the reception at Stoke Newington police station. Body never found. Neville van der Merwe, a South African hitman, was accused of the murder. He was also accused of murdering John Devine, 37, another Catholic workman, who was shot at his home in Belfast in front of his year-old son.

    Apr 14 — Rachel McLean, 19, disappeared from Oxford. Found under floorboards of flat in Oxford. Her was jailed for life in Dec Apr 14 — Liz Anderson, 63, from Cricklewood — beaten, strangled and mutilated with a carving knife at her home in Cricklewood, north London.

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    James Anderson, 43, her stepson, was jailed for life in Apr — Janet Marshall, 37, killed at home in north London. Roy Azizi, 18, and Rene Sampat, 37, were jailed for life for the murder. Her body was found a year later. Michael Fox, 48, a retired psychiatric nurse, from Bournemouth, was convicted of various sex attacks on vulnerable women but was never charged with killing Jo. He was jailed for life. In she was jailed for 5 years for manslaughter.

    Brothers Tony and Patrick Brindle were acquitted of his murder after a trial at the Old Bailey in The Brindles were members of an infamous south London family while Abdullah had links with the rival Arifs. Tony McKie survived the shooting. Cedil Jackson, 36, her builder husband was jailed for life min 18 years in It was a bungled robbery. Her husband Richard Klinkhammer, a Dutch crime writer, aged 52, was convicted and jailed for 6 years.

    Benjamin Warren, 49, director of an international language centre — stabbed in Berkeley Square, central London. Seamus Reed, 32, a vagrant, was jailed for life in March His girlfriend Janet Gardner , 52, was convicted at Winchester Crown Court in of manslaughter on the grounds of provocation and jailed for 5 years.

    She was a battered wife. December 24 Christmas Eve — Patrick Quinn, 56, Irish labourer from Hammersmith, was killed in a cell in Hammersmith police station after being locked up with another drunk, businessman Malcolm Kennedy, Kennedy was jailed for life in Sep but continued to protest his innocence. He claimed Quinn was killed by police officers.

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    He obtained a retrial and was jailed for manslaughter and sentenced to 9 years. He was freed in December 21 — shipping clerk Geraldine Palk, 26, raped and stabbed 81 times in Fairwater, Cardiff. He died in prison of natural causes in December 21 — taxi driver Steven Johnson, 25, from Hanley, Stoke, had his throat slashed and was left for dead at Mow Cop, Staffordshire. Robbed of 50 pounds. Killing remains unsolved. Case reopened in December 1 — Patrick Hurling, 50, bludgeoned and strangled at his home in Hertford.

    Nov — Lazaro Figueroa, 3, was beaten and tortured to death in Miami. His mother Ana Maria Cardona, a cocaine addict, was jailed for life in Her conviction was overturned in but she was convicted at a retrial in But in Cardona, by now 54, was granted a new trial.