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Last month, a Vatican judge pleaded guilty in a Rome tribunal to having child porn on his computer after police were brought in when he allegedly tried to fondle an year-old man. Monsignor Pietro Amenta was a judge on the Roman Rota, the Holy See tribunal that hears marriage annulment cases, as well as a consulter to various Vatican congregations.

He resigned after the plea deal, the Vatican said. Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp.

Vatican sent dossier identifying 40 ‘actively gay’ priests in Italy

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Explosive new book lifts lid on gay priests

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Top Stories. Murder trial Nurse, Lucy Letby, who is accused of murdering eight babies in one year, looked up at her parents and mouthed "I love you" today as she was led into the cells. Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York has been quoted as saying that the Vatican's directive was not tout court a "no-gays" policy.

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Over recent years Catholics on the religious right have tried to connect the incidence of homosexuality within the priesthood to the sexual abuse scandal facing the Church arguing that the direct root "was not abuse of power, or pedophilia, or clericalism, or the distortive psychological effects of celibacy and institutional homophobia, but gayness itself. Cardinal Raymond Burke has called for the Church to be "purified" of its "homosexual culture".

Bishop Robert Morlino of Wisconsin has suggested a "homosexual subculture" was wreaking devastation and the Church therefore needed to show "more hatred of homosexual sexual behavior". Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute has suggested removing all gay clergy from the church, even though this might cause a shortage of priests.

In Adomnan of Iona 's biography of Columba there is an anecdotal story about two priests with a strong attachment to one another "in a carnal way". One was Findchan, described as the founder of the monastery of "Scotic Artchain" in Tiree. The other priest was Aed Dub. Peter Damian , in the 11th century, wrote a book called the "Book of Gomorrah" about homosexuality among the clergy in his own time period.

Gay escort ‘outs’ 40 Catholic priests | News Mail

He harshly condemned homosexual practice among the clergy. In , Anselm of Canterbury demanded that the punishment for homosexuality should be moderate because "this sin has been so public that hardly anyone has blushed for it, and many therefore have plunged into it without realising its gravity". This condemnation moderated considerably in the final decade of the twentieth century with the distinction now made by Catholic church authorities between homosexual orientation and homosexual activity—forbidding the latter while regarding the former as intrinsically disordered but not sinful in and of itself.

Pope Francis has directly faced questions from journalists about whether a "gay lobby" effectively operates within the Vatican itself, and investigative journalists have caught several high-ranking Vatican clerics engaging in homosexual sexual activity or relationships. In October , on the day before the second round of the Synod on the Family , a senior Polish priest working in the Vatican, Krzysztof Charamsa , stated publicly in Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper that he was gay and had a long-term partner.

In his resignation letter he thanked Pope Francis for some of his words and gestures towards the gay community. However, in contrast strongly criticized the institution of the Catholic Church for being "frequently violently homophobic" and "insensitive, unfair and brutal" towards people that are gay; noting the irony that he felt there were significant numbers of gay men active at all levels within the Church including the cardinalate. He called for all statements from the Holy See that are offensive and violent against gay people to be withdrawn, citing Pope Benedict XVI 's signature of the document that forbids men with deep-rooted homosexual tendencies from becoming priests as particularly "diabolical".

Studies find it difficult to quantify specific percentages of Roman Catholic priests who have a homosexual orientation either openly gay or closeted in the United States. Studies by Wolf and Sipe from the early s suggest that the percentage of priests in the Catholic Church who admitted to being gay or were in homosexual relationships was well above the national average for the country.

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  • Italian Cardinal Sends List Of Purportedly Gay Catholic Clergy To Vatican.

The John Jay Report published in suggested that "homosexual men entered the seminaries in noticeable numbers from the late s through the s". Another report suggested that from the mids onwards, Catholic priests in the US were dying from AIDS -related illnesses at a rate four times higher than that of the general population, with most of the cases contracted through gay sex, and the cause often concealed on their death certificates.

Vatican sent dossier identifying 40 ‘actively gay’ priests in Italy

A follow-up study the next year by the Kansas City Star found the AIDS-related death rate among priests was "more than six times" the rate among the general population in the 14 states studied. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of the Archdiocese of Detroit , has suggested that this was because, "Gay priests and heterosexual priests didn't know how to handle their sexuality, their sexual drive. And so they would handle it in ways that were not healthy. The visitation began in , and the final report issued in The report spoke about "difficulties in the area of morality Usually, but not exclusively, this meant homosexual behavior.

In March Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe , Archbishop of Naples, submitted a 1,page dossier to the Vatican that sought to identify 40 actively gay Catholic priests and seminarians across the country, after the list was compiled by a male escort called Francesco Mangiacapra. Although gay lifestyles have been condemned by the church, a number of senior members of the clergy have been alleged to have engaged in homosexual activity.

Archbishop Rembert Weakland , who retired in , was alleged to have been in a relationship with a former graduate student; [33] Juan Carlos Maccarone , the Bishop of Santiago del Estero in Argentina, retired after video surfaced showing him engaged in homosexual acts; [34] and Francisco Domingo Barbosa Da Silveira , the Bishop of Minas in Uruguay , resigned in after it was alleged that he had broken his vow of celibacy. The General Chapter of the Dominican Order held in Caleruega in "affirmed that the same demands of chastity apply to all brethren of whatever sexual orientation, and so no one can be excluded on this ground.

'We need to talk about God and sexuality,' says priest

Conditioning persons on their sexual orientation is not evangelical. Jesus would not do so. Hence, no sexual orientation is a priori incompatible with the call to chastity and the fraternal life. This series of meetings were conducted from July 17th to August 8th in in Caleruega, Spain. Radcliffe indicated that it really did not matter what sexual orientation a person has, but warned against potential division that could arise if sub-groups based on sexual orientation threaten unity and make it more difficult to practice chastity.

Patricia Nell Warren 's third novel, The Fancy Dancer , was the first bestseller to portray a gay Catholic priest and to explore gay life in a small town.

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