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Jip makes love to Lulu, overcoming his sexual paranoia. Koop and Nina's issues are set aside. Lee has made it through the weekend without any of his concerns being realised.

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Moff, however, is still caught up in the paranoia caused by his extensive drug use. He argues with his parents again and is seen walking alone around Cardiff looking disheartened.

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However, Moff joins his friends for an end of the weekend drink and having raged about his difficulties with drugs is soon joking about his excesses with his friends. The film finishes with Jip and Lulu kissing in the street in the manner of classic Hollywood films. Kerrigan based much of the film on his own exploits, [1] and eventually took over in a director capacity. In an edition of UK gay lifestyle magazine Attitude , actor Danny Dyer spoke about the film being partly inspired by the BBC television drama Loved Up which also featured an early appearance from Lena Headey , and which had similar themes to the film.

Much of the film was shot in Cardiff , where the film also takes place. Inter-generation alienation is a significant theme of the film including being directly referenced in a pub scene in which the main, minor and bit players sing a revised version of the United Kingdom national anthem 38 minutes into the film.

Jip's mother is a prostitute; Koop's father lives in a fantasy world under residential psychiatric care since his wife left him.

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Moff still lives at home and is shown as being in continual tension with his father and embarrassed when he is caught masturbating by his mother. The family relationships of the female leads are explored in less detail, although one scene portrays Lulu giving only limited details of her weekend to an uncle and aunt who are dressed as clergy.

At least one contemporary review suggests that these relationships are not adequately explored in the film. The film is also indifferent to the work ethic. Nina has similar misgivings about her job at a fast-food restaurant where all the employees are shown bodypopping robotically and she quits her work following sexual harassment.

Moff argues with his father about preferring to be unemployed whilst Lulu is shown not enjoying her college experience. All the characters identify strongly with the s counter-culture: all are drug users to a greater or lesser extent; Jip idolises Bill Hicks ; Koop dreams of being a DJ; Moff's bedroom is festooned with anti-establishment posters.

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Lulu gives an extended speech about her individuality whilst Nina revels in becoming unemployed. Jip concludes his narration by saying "We're all fucked up in our own way, y'know, but we're all doing it together. We're freestylin' on the buckle wheel of life, trapped in a world of internal dialogue.

Like Bill Hicks said: 'It's an insane world, but I'm proud to be part of it. Although there is significant dialogue about drug use contained in the film specifically MDMA ecstasy , marijuana , and one sarcastic discussion about heroin and crack cocaine , the only drug use by main characters is a scene where Jip and Koop are having an intimate conversation at a house party and they are seen cutting up a line of white powder.

They are never actually shown snorting it, but nonchalantly rub it into their gums during a discussion.

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Later at the same party Nina and Lulu are seen sharing a spliff on a balcony and Ernie, one of the protagonist's in Howard Marks' monologue 'Spliff Politics' is also seen smoking a large spliff. An important part of this film is the soundtrack; which includes some of the most famous contemporary dance music producers of the time. The version of the film released in the United States was heavily edited to remove certain British cultural references and terminology that it was presumably felt American audiences would be unable to identify with or understand.

These are mostly in the form of re-dubbed dialogue, such as Jip saying that he and Lulu "recently became dropping partners" being changed to "clubbing partners"; Nina's speech to the journalists in which she says she is looking forward to getting into some "hardcore Richard and Judy " becoming "hardcore Jerry Springer "; and Jip's allusion to Only Fools and Horses with "he who dares, Rodders," being rendered as "he who dares wins ".

Other material was simply cut, including Lulu dumping her boyfriend; most of Koop's conversation with his father in the psychiatric hospital ; and the "Summer of Love" flashback sequence. As a result of various cuts, the US version runs to 84m 14s, compared to the original 99m 21s, losing just over 15 minutes of footage, in addition to the numerous re-dubs.

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