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The familiar use of bell ringers to solicit donations from passers-by "helps complete the American portrait of Christmas. In , the Chronicle of Philanthropy , an industry publication, released the results of the largest study of charitable and non-profit organisation popularity and credibility. Charity Watch rates the Salvation Army an "A-" to an "A", [55] indicating a high level of financial efficiency and organisational transparency. In , over Salvation Army volunteers went overseas to France to provide supplies and baked goods, including doughnuts, to American soldiers.

The women who served donuts to the troops fried them in soldiers' helmets. They were known as "Doughnut Lassies" and are credited with popularising doughnuts in the United States. As of 23 October the Salvation Army operates in countries [4] and provides services in different languages. For administrative purposes, the Salvation Army divides itself geographically into 5 zones [58] and the zonal departments at International Headquarters [59] in London, United Kingdom are the main administrative link with territories and commands [60].

These are further divided into territories, which are then sub-divided into divisions. Some territories cover several countries like Italy and Greece [61] while some countries may have several territories Australia Eastern and Australia Southern [62] In larger areas, regional and area commands are also introduced as subdivisions of divisions.

Each territory has an administrative hub known as territorial headquarters THQ. Likewise, each division has a divisional headquarters DHQ. Each of these territories is led by a territorial commander who receives orders from the Salvation Army's international headquarters in London. A territory is normally led by an officer holding the rank of colonel for small territories or commissioner for larger territories.

In some countries, the work of The Salvation Army may be called a command, led by a command commander.

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A larger command is typically led by an officer holding the rank of colonel. There is a Women's Ministries [63] division devoted to supporting women in ministry which has , members, [64] founded as the Home League [65] in Red Shield Defence Services [66] work with the Armed Services in order to provide assistance such as refreshments, soap, chewing gum, toothpaste and sewing kits. The International Spiritual Life Commission , is convened by the General to examine and identify aspects essential to the spiritual growth of both the Church and individual Salvationists. It is registered with the UK banking regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, [69] registration number SAGIC Insurance [70] is the insurance services arm of the Army, offering various types of policy, a nationwide removals service [71] and a conveyancing service for buying and selling houses.

Heritage Centres are museums run by the Salvation Army which have exhibits and historical documents related to the history and work of the organisation. Heritage Centres collect, preserve, catalog, research and share material about the life and work of The Salvation Army. The International Heritage Centre in London can provide details of premises in any specific territory. The High Council consists of members 62 women and 56 men made up of the Chief of Staff, all the active commissioners and territorial leaders some territories are led by colonels , each of whom was summoned by the Chief of the Staff for the sole purpose of electing a new General.

Another training college for officers is the Catherine Booth Bible College based at Winnipeg, Canada [75] which was authorised in August by the Manitoba Legislature to grant academic degrees. Eisenhower on 24 November , telling people to honor the Salvation Army during that week for its work in the United States in the past seventy-five years. An early precursor to the Salvation Army becoming involved in safeguarding work was Catherine Booth writing to Queen Victoria regarding a Parliamentary bill for the protection of girls.

She was cared for by the Army, taken to France and subsequently testified as a key witness at the trial of Stead and Rebecca Jarrett the prostitute who had arranged the "sale" of Eliza at Bow Street. Both were sentenced to 6 months in prison. The newly founded Salvation Army in Japan also encountered child prostitution, derived from a system of Debt Bondage.

While an imperial ordinance written in classical Japanese which few could understand declared the girls right to freedom, the pioneer Salvationist Gunpei Yamamuro rewrote it in colloquial speech. An imperial ordinance passed on 2 October stated that any woman who wished to give up prostitution only had to go to the nearest Police station and ask.

The involvement of the Salvation Army in work to combat slavery and people trafficking can be traced back to William Booth publishing a letter in The War Cry in Work is also done assisting homeless people by running hostels [87] and 20 Refugee programmes. Various Constituting Instruments apply to different aspects of the work of the Salvation Army.

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Legislation passed in the United Kingdom Parliament covered the following:. The most recent statistics for membership [94] from the Year Book [95] are , employees, 17, Active Officers, 9, Retired Officers, 1, Cadets, , Adherents, , Junior Soldiers and 1,, Senior Soldiers. Previous membership statistics as quoted from year book includes 16, active and 9, retired officers, 39, Corps Cadets and more than 4.

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Members of the Salvation Army also include "adherents"; these are people who do not make the commitment to be a soldier but who recognise the Salvation Army as their church. According to the Salvation Army year book, in the United States there are 85, senior soldiers and 28, junior soldiers, 17, adherents and around 60, employees. Further information is available from the Salvation Army International website. In addition to community centres and disaster relief, the organisation does work in refugee camps, especially among displaced people in Africa.

In the United Kingdom, the Salvation Army is no longer the largest nongovernmental provider of social services; however, it still provides a significant service to people in need. This donation was among the larger individual philanthropic gifts ever given to a single organisation. The donation came with certain restrictions that caused some controversy. The International Congress of the Salvation Army is normally held every 10 years [] as a conference for all Salvationists from around the world to meet.

The first such conference took place in London, UK, from 28 May to 4 June , and subsequent Congressional meetings were held sporadically until and then Officers are given Marching Orders to change ministries within the Salvation Army. Usually, officers are given new marching orders every two to five years and reassigned to different posts, sometimes moving great distances. In Russia the Army was founded around [] and the Army struggled on until at which point the situation had become extremely challenging.

Following political difficulties by the Army withdrew from the country but work still continues in the provinces of Macau and Hong Kong, as well as in Taiwan. In the Salvation Army was established in Asia with the first outpost in India.

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The Salvation Army flag is a symbol of the Army's war against sin and social evils. The red on the flag symbolises the blood shed by Jesus Christ, the yellow for the fire of the Holy Spirit and the blue for the purity of God the Father. In Captain W. Ebdon suggested a logo, and in it was to be found on the letterhead of the Salvation Army Headquarters. The captain's suggested design was changed only slightly and a crown was added. The Red Shield has its origins in Salvation Army work during wartime. Then, in , this same officer was given the task of establishing the Naval and Military League, the forerunner of the Red Shield Services.

Salvation Army officers serving in the Red Shield Services in wartime performed many functions. The Doughnut Girls of World War I are an early example, serving refreshments to troops in the trenches. They also provided first aid stations, ambulances, chaplaincy, social clubs, Christian worship and other front-line services. This symbol is still used in Blue Shield Services that serve the British Armed Forces but it is widely used as a simple, more readily identifiable symbol in many Salvation Army settings.

It is common to see the Red Shield used on casual Salvation Army uniform.