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I got down on one knee and asked him to spend the rest of his life with me. Luckily he said yes or it would have been very awkward. Why does it matter if it's a man and woman, two women or two men? How does my life impact other people's lives?

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I'm just happy enough loving my partner, going around doing my day to day things. I'm happy now that Northern Ireland is eventually catching up with the rest of the world about same-sex marriage. But obviously now with the legislation change we don't have to do all that.

We can have everyone that we want at the wedding. Andrew and Stephen are now busy with final preparations for the big day, which will take place later this year. If Stephen could have his way he would have a Harry Potter-themed wedding. And, yes, there are Harry Potter aspects to it. I'm into comic books so our flowers on our lapels are going to be made from comic book strips.

We are combining both our interests.

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I can call him my husband, show people that I love him and that I am proud of this. I am just glad that Northern Ireland has caught up with the rest of the world.

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Musician Susan Donaghy - better known as Susie Blue - lives in Belfast with her fiancee Audrey Gillespie 21 , an artist and photographer. The year-old, who has written many songs about the issue and long campaigned for marriage equality, says she can't wait to marry the love of her life. The first time we met was in a bar," she says. And then she starred in a video for one of my songs, Guess The End. The first time we kissed was on camera. We have that moment in time captured on film.

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We have been together now for four-and-a-half years. But we didn't actually get properly engaged, because it wasn't legal, until midnight on the day the law was passed. I got down on one knee. She jokingly took the ring, said no and laughed. It will be quite a small ceremony. We are going to have an open stage for all our musician friends who want to perform a song for a couple of hours we well as a DJ.

We can't wait. Susie says that she has been long campaigning for equal rights and that she had expressed her frustration over lack of movement through her music. So when the law was passed it was like the five or six years of fighting for it was worth it and it actually worked. The chorus is 'They don't like us, they don't like people like us.

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They think it's a choice and it's all our fault'. It's just about people not really understanding that people are gay, part of the LGBT community and that is the way that they were born. It feels like I can finally get married without losing any of my rights. The chat rooms will have you hooked and the profiles enable you to discover gorgeous single men. Meeting people online is quick and super easy. Our service takes care of the hard work, giving you more time to focus on finding the perfect match. Share your desires, flirt wildly and come meet hot members. Share the experience of online dating with like-minded people.

Find happiness with men seeking men in Belfast at Cheekylovers. Look forward to new experiences and adventures with gorgeous single men. Looking for romance is easier than ever with our service. We provide a professional dating service that captures everything. We bring people together to connect and explore their desires. Our members are keen to share hot conversations with you in the chat rooms. Come and discover the most rewarding dating experience around with us. The city of Belfast, however, is working hard to promote itself as an LGBT destination and for the majority of queer tourists, your sexual orientation or identification will cause you absolutely no issue during your visit.

Just be aware, things are different in Belfast than in rural areas where the characteristic picture of Ireland as an overtly religious and conservative country might not be too far from the truth. And your experiences as a fleeting visitor are likely to be drastically different than those who must live here every day.

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However, with a wonderful Pride attended by over 50, people annually, a growing range of LGBT support services, forward-looking citizens and dedicated LGBT activities things here are slowly improving and we can only hope in the future Gay Belfast and Northern Island grows to embraces and accepts all of its citizens, LGBT or otherwise. Belfast is a very safe city but we still would advise gay travelers in Belfast take extra precautions in terms of public displays of affection.

For the most part, we found people in Belfast friendly, tolerant and progressive but sadly there are still people here spewing hate and gay-bashing is not unheard of. Even while Northern Ireland might be less gay-friendly than the rest of the United Kingdon, you can absolutely still expect not to have any issues as an LGBT traveler checking in to basically every hotel in Belfast. After all being gay-friendly it not all about upscale luxury, but about providing friendly, open service and welcoming everyone with open arms!

Having said that, everyone likes to be surrounded by people with common interests, and as such there a few well-known hotels in Belfast that have become hot spots for gay travelers to stay!