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Celeste is inviting one and all to watch this amazing film — she asks that those who can give a gold coin donation to help with the hire of the venue. Glass Towers This band has captured the joy, wonder, adventure, innocence and mystery of youth. They have just completed their first tour of the UK and Japan where the album will also be released later in the year. Catch them at The Northern on Friday. Expect sparks, magic and mayhem as music coach Kathryn Jones opens doors for women to explore their musical aspirations with her Pouvoir aux Femmes workshop — Mothers in Music.

Sharing the stage with Mandy Nolan and music marketing guru Chryss Carr, Kathryn will rock your foundations with tools and knowledge to start turning music dreams into a reality. Enquiries — Kathryn kathrynjones. Vesica Pisces Marvellous night for some Moonstone Spring heralds the warmer weather and with that comes the urge to party. Moonstone are no exception with Petra on vocals, Rainer on soaring lead guitar, Bobbe on bass and Gil on drums. The party starts here.

This Friday night at the Middle Pub Mullumbimby. Any lover of intrinsic songwriting and poetic imagery would be a fan of Tully On Tully. Based in Byron Shire Vesica Pisces are an emerging sevenpiece band that are working through Pozible to promote and raise the funds needed to complete their debut album By Water Formed in December Come along to pledge via the onsite dedicated computer or simply go to www. If we stand side by side our influence will rise tenfold. A coupla likely lads who a few short months ago recruited drummer Jack Gray.

Psychotica, their debut single, is out; an EP is due for release in September. See them on Saturday at The Northern. Headlining the night is Potato Potato and the Brandolini Sisters. Saturday 7pm at the Brunswick Heads Bowling Club. For more info or to. Wednesday Sept 18th Byron Community Theater 7pm to Handling disappointments with understanding and confidence will attract a bonanza of exciting new opportunities. So use your multi-faceted Geminian perception to analyse familiar situations in an effort to understand each of these barriers as they arise — and be advised that some will come cunningly disguised.

As the tenacious hold of the past continues relinquishing its grip, opportunity-bringing Jupiter can get more of a look in. The trick is not to close down against uncomfortable realisations and inconvenient truths. Not so open your brain falls out, just checking on new connections and offers. Use instinct, intuition and plenty of common sense. But the wisdom of the Tao prevails: Within misfortune, good fortune hides… which are that speed healing and amazing breakthroughs are also on the celestial menu.

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It thinks big. Opens doors for you. Steady Eddy will take you on a journey to when things were a little bit more simple, like when a phone was just a phone. Dinner and music from 6. For bookings phone Alan or Machatarn Head wear for Moslem woman 9 6. Imitate, copy 5 9. King or queen 7 Win, triumph 7 Circular, spherical 5 Absorption, eating 9 Nearby, part of the neighbourhood 5 Lens for long-distance camera work 9 Rock face, precipice 5 Flash automobile 6,3 Raise, lift 5 Judge, mediator 7 Recount, tell a story 7 Jackpot 5 Radio audience 9.

Modest cover for blemish in top frequency 9 6. Ape caught following opera heroine 5 9. Triumph for state blue 7 Circular bullet 5 Princess leaves griping, but still eating 9 Lite pub? Long lens snaps hotel poet 9 Love God in a step to provide atmosphere, and beyond 9 Young Richards 5 Raise an army around one 5 Furiously barter over setter — we need a judge 7 Ran back with speed, to tell the story 7 Audience bends around three directions, right?

DOWN 1. Greek epic poet 5 2. Compere, radio presenter 9 3. Sits astride 9 4. Novel by Charles Dickens featuring Scrooge 1,9,5 5. Nasal discharge 5 7. New Zealander 5 8. Breaking agreement, retreating from undertaking 6,3 Usurer, Shylock 4,5 Beast of burden 4,5 Begin, bring to being 9 Path of a satellite 5 Ragged, shoddy 5 Lock of hair 5. Radio man needs 27 across 9 3. Bestrides seats around Bar River. A holiday song featuring Tiny Tim 1,9,5 5. Severing, folding, blending, to make a line for 4 down, perhaps 4,6,5 6. Add up about copper and discharge 5 7. I wander back to a kiwi 5 8.

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Shylock to swing lash on a boat. Beast of burden to take heroin in the luggage 4,5 No equipment sounds normal, to start off 9 Alternative piece — go 11 across! Ragged but sober man in Scottish river 5 Hardy heroine has right hairstyle 5. Nxe5 Nxe5 Be2 Bg4? Now Black gets pushed around In the ongoing World Cup in badly. Nc6 Bb2 former and probably future Re8 Crude but effective. Bd3 Rh6 Rg3 Bf8 Nd5 Yifan and veteran magician Qh4 When the follow- the game alive, eg Kxg3 Bxf5 and Black has plenty for unless he could break through the queen.

Eventually he Black: Hou Yifan found it Rxf6 Qxh1 Nf3 d5 4. Nc3 Bb4 helpless.

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Kxg3 h6 Qc2 dxc4 Qc2 After this defeat Hou lost the 8. Bxc4 e5!? Nxe5 last two playoff games. Information is available at Palace Cinema or online at www. Shire residents, or residents within 40km north or west of the festival venue, will have first dibs on a limited allocation of NYE tickets, two-day and three-day passes. Available online from 9am Tuesday 27 August — www. The Lone Goat! The show of new work will feature paintings, drawings, photography, editioned prints and more. Friday 6pm. September 20th — 23rd.

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To book call or buy tickets at the door if any left. Earlybird ends August 31st! Somehow he tapped into something show when they bring the Blue Grassy Knoll to the festival for a that was timeless. As well as that I think he was so far ahead of his time as a filmmaker that he special live scoring of The General. Grassy Knoll? We began in as a bunch of friends who How did you prepare for scoring films? Humour was always an important although sometimes we accidentally hear them if someone ingredient to the music, but so was intensity and passion, leaves the volume up on the DVD.

We approach scoring the and obviously there was something in the chemistry of our personalities that sparked the whole thing off because it all just films as if they were contemporary films and we use all the scoring tricks of the trade, stealing from people like Ennio clicked and kept clicking. Morricone, Bernard Herrman and John Williams in order to Once we started scoring for silent Buster Keaton movies it modernise Keaton, and also help tell the story on the screen.