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Burgwinkle, William E. Love for sale : materialist readings of the troubadour razo corpus. Abrams, -Great, and somewhat unexpected, illustrations. Clark, Elizabeth A. Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome and Bonnie Wheeler. Becoming Male in the Middle Ages. Espejo Muriel, Carlos. Dinzebacher, P. Flandrin, J. Fradenburg, Louise, and Carla Freccero, eds. Gilmour-Bryon, Anne. Gold, Barbara K. Goodich, Michael. Hernandez, Lodovico pseud. Roy, Bruno, Montreal: Ed. Aurore, Karras, Ruth Mazo.

Karras, Ruth Mazo, and David L. Keiser, Elizabeth B. Courtly desire and medieval homophobia : the legitimation of sexual pleasure in cleanness and its contexts. New Haven: Yale University Press, c Kuster, Harvey J. Lea, H. Lees, Clare A. Medieval masculinities : regarding men in the Middle Ages. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c Legman, Gershon, The Guilt of the Templars , New York: Basic Books, Argues the Templars were a homosexual warrior order, that their seal indicates pederasty, and that homosexual rape was part of the intuition.

All open to question. She can only find two short discussions, by William of Saliceto and Michael Scot. Lentzen-Bonn, R. Constructing medieval sexuality. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Moore, R. Murray, Jacqueline, and Konrad Eisenbichler. Desire and discipline : sex and sexuality in the premodern West.

Toronto : University of Toronto Press, Nederman, Cary J. Noordam, D. Riskante relaties : vijf eeuwen homoseksualiteit in Nederland, , Hilversum : Verloren, Roby, D. Roy, Bruno, ed. Saslow, James M. New Haven: Yale UP, Reviews Source , pp. Saslow, James. Radcliff-Umstead, Pittsburgh, Univ. Small, R. Townsend, David and Andrew Taylor. The tongue of the fathers : gender and ideology in the twelfth-century Latin.

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Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, Weeks, Jeffrey, "In days of yore when knights were gay? Bailey, Derrick S. Hamden, Ct. No bibliography but text gives best overview of Church and secular legislation. Use of "sodomy charges in late medieval politics examined. Fischer, Stresses German history of anti-homosexuality from earliest times. Proposes that homosexuals were accepted before the 13th century, and then intolerance sets in.

Criticised by gay radicals for letting the Church off the hook. Boswell rejects idea that homosexual subcultures are a recent development. Nevertheless, at this stage virtually all of Boswell's specific conclusions have been called into question.

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Students of the period must look at later scholarly publications. Boswell, John. Many persons who might now be considered "gay" played prominent roles in the military, and some observers of the times argued that gay men would make ideal soldiers because they would wish to behave admirably while those they loved were present. In B. The troop played a crucial role in many military engagements and was never beaten until the battle of Chaeronea in Boswell, John, Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe , New York: Villard, A groundbreaking study of the "Adelphopoiia" liturgy, which Boswell argues, was for centuries used as a public liturgy to celebrate erotic relationships between people of the same sex.

Brown, Peter R. Brown Peter. The title indicates content more than the English version. Uses quantative methods that are hair-raising at times. Daniel, Marc, 'Was St. Thomas a Becket a Homosexual? Concludes that there is not sufficient evidence. Clearly defines, apparently for all gay people, Christianity as "our enemy". Roy, Bruno Montreal: Ed. Aurore, , pp. Greenberg, David E. Hays, R. Herter, Hans, "Effeminatus" in Reallexikon fuer Antike und Christentum: Sachworterbuch zur Auxeinandersetzung des Christentums mit der antiken welt, ed.

Theodor Klauser. Looks at history of Christian condemnation of homosexuality.


Gall , Berkeley: University of California Press, , 3 vols. Discusses Benedictin efforts to prevent sexual contacts with young monks. This and the following were reported as "forthcoming" in the bibliography by Nancy Manahan in Lesbian Nuns: Breaking the Silence. Nothing by Ide is cited by other scholars, and I have not read anything that impresses. Johnson, Penelope D. There are rare indications of such activity, but very "rare" indeed.

Jordan Mark, The Invention of Sodomy , Chicago: University of Chicago Press, A critique of John Boswell's work as "social history", Jordan traces the development of the the idea of "sodomy" in theological,canonical, and philosophical texts. Also discusses "same-sex unions" , but seems serioudly misinformed in seeing a Slavic blood brotherhood origin and thinking that manuscriots go back to "at least the 14th century". Boswell has shown much earlier origins. Shows the general confusion over this issue.


Little, Lester K. McLauglin, E. Ruether, ed. See Payer for analysis. Martin, D. Matter, E. Naecke, Paul, "On Homosexuality in Albania", International Journal of Greek Love , , translated by Warren Johansson from Jahrbuch fuer sexuelle Zwischenstufen 9 , Important now for discussion of the meaning of brotherhood ceremonies. Noonan, John T. Meeks, Wayne A. Olsen, Glenn, W. Olsen, Glenn W. Anselm and Homosexuality", Anselm Studies Pagels thinks Augustine is largely responsible for the idea that original sin is carried in semen.

The book has been criticised by many. She is much more pessimistic than Boswell. Chapter 27 address homosexuality directly, but it is her other chapters that are most interesting. Russell, Kenneth C. Salisbury, Joyce E. Sheehan, M. Critical of Boswell. Shiels, W. Studies in Church History 21, Nevertheless useful and the easiest place to find information such as how castration was performed. Discusses the effects of Christianity, and the Sodom story, p.

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Tentler, Thomas T. He also made three references to homosexuality. His views toward homosexuals are discussed. Venarde, Bruce L. Women's monasticism and medieval society : nunneries in France and England, Ithaca : Cornell University Press, Everett Ferguson et al. Brucker, Gene, ed. Now see Michael Rocke's work on this subject. Of California Press, pp. Hergemoeller, Bernd-Ulrich.

Has a lot of Italian material, including a transcription of a Venice case from C 24 , pp. Labalme, Patricia H. Pavan, Elizabeth, "Police des moeurs, societe et politique a Venise a la fin du moyen age", Revue Historique , pp. He argues that homosexual activity was a normal part of male life activities in Florence, and not deviant. Shevill, F. Trexler, R. Author may also have a book called Archives de l'homosexualite. Coward, D. Howard, New York: Pantheon Books, Boyarin, Daniel..

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Ibn Sana al-Mulk. Dar al-tiraz. Olyan, Saul M. Satlow, Michael L. Roth, Norman. Lazar and N. Lacy, eds. James, Liz. Women, men, and eunuchs : gender in Byzantium.

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  6. London; New York : Routledge, Jenkins, Romilly J. Contains one of the most important modern analyses of Byzantine homosexuality. Also discusses "same-sex unions" , but seems seriously misinformed in seeing a Slavic blood brotherhood origin and thinking that manuscriots go back to "at least the 14th century". Maltezou, ed. Byzantinistik 39 , "Ecclesiastical and secular legal sources on Homosexuality in Byzantium".

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    Bosquet, G. Christman, Henry. Jonathan Goldberg,.

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    6. London, New York: Routledge, , Lacey, E. Reid, Anthony. The Eternal Flame - a world anthology of homosexual verse, B. Schmitt, Arno and Jehoeda Sofer, eds. Blackmore Josiah and Gregory S. Hutcheson, eds. A tierra, puto!