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For up to date information visit the GOV. UK Coronavirus page. News room homepage link. Latest news. At one point, he pours himself a cup of hot water. Without breaking flow, he just spins around and chucks the water into the bin, then fills up and continues. We are here to talk about the Boomtown Rats , which some might say is the least interesting thing about Bob Geldof.

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His life in music has long been overshadowed by his other lives, which we will come to: his anti-poverty campaigning and, more tragically, his personal life, particularly the death of his ex-wife Paula Yates from a heroin overdose in and, in April this year, the death of his daughter Peaches in similar circumstances. They played at the Isle of Wight festival and were a triumph, so they did a few small dates and released an album of their old tunes. Some of the band have mortgages to pay. Geldof tells a funny story about doing a tour of schools with Talking Heads and the Ramones in All playing to schoolchildren in layered hairdos and flares.

Did the kids go mad? They could not get their heads around any of us. Especially not Talking Heads. They just stared and stared. The Boomtown Rats never fitted properly into punk — punk was too snobbily English to accept these young Irishmen in their over-wide trousers — but they did very well in the charts.

Their songs were new wave as opposed to punk: overproduced, with uncool piano and saxophone. But they were hooky and well constructed, plus their lyrics were about something. They told stories. This is another reason why Geldof agreed, last year, to re-form the Rats. And we went back afterwards, somewhat ruefully, because we thought it was over, and something happened. And we were ferocious. Still, the day before the Rats were due to play the Isle of Wight, he went on stage with a big German band called Die Toten Hosen the Dead Trousers , to get the feel of performing in front of thousands.

The Big List!

As soon as he slithered into that, he was there. The racket. And the rackety-ness, how it might fall apart at any minute. Record company people telling him he had to write a hit. We talk about singers who successfully negotiate getting older. Music is his first and longest lasting love, but he will never reach the heights of his heroes. Still, he has what none of those other songwriters has: another job.

And because of this, he zooms about in the upperest of echelons. He does this at the South By Southwest festival, at international business conferences, even at a launch for smart meters. A few years ago, he started a private equity company, 8 Miles , that invests only in African projects, the idea being that the investors make money not in a couple of years, but a long time hence.

He works with One , the foundation set up by Bono that campaigns to end poverty and preventable disease, mostly in Africa. Geldof is all about the big idea: the big move, the historical sweep. He has no time for press gossip, for the silliness of Twitter, the constant chirruping of modern tech. Recently, he put a ban on morning emails at his highly successful TV company, Ten Alps.

Everyone who gets in touch gets a message saying that their query will be dealt with after 2pm. He has an unshakable focus on and belief in what he thinks is important. And then there is the drama of his personal life. Bob and his family took in their daughter, Tiger Lily, formally adopting her in He has had quite enough tragedy for anyone to handle.

Still, just last year, he said in an interview that he had been happier in the last decade than he ever has been: settled with his long-term partner Jeanne Marine , his career going fine, his daughters, Fifi, Peaches , Pixie and Tiger Lily all doing well. But then in April, Peaches, the second eldest of his daughters, was found dead at her home in Kent.