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I have 3 years experienced. If you are feeling stressed and desperately in need for relaxing for your tired body and soul, but you Hello and thank you for looking at my advert. I run my own massage clinic from home called G-Spa for Guys.

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I offer genuine relaxation Hot Oil massage treatments for male clients. Full body massage outcall only by male masseur. Hi ladies I m Jhon. If you are looking for a professional massage then book with me. I understand how to listen to a clients needs and direct the treatment to those needs. If you want to fall asleep and become truly relaxed, I can do that!

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This a out call Take time out of your day to enjoy a relaxing, full body, Swedish massage from a fully qualified, male masseur with years of experience. I am happy to see both male and female clients, and will work with a client either draped or undraped, at your preference; just let me Hello and welcome! My name is Alex, a 30 years old latino masseur and therapist. I'm friendly and have an enthusiastic attitude. I'm fully ITEC qualified, over five years of experience in the massage field.

I offer a mixture of techniques that will make you forget about Hello guys Looking for an increadible massage session? You got it! Im the right masseur for you. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.

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Sign up for free Dismiss. I really want to read more of it. The Charon crew encounters an alien who can only communicate through food, so they summon Tony Chu and Colby from the past in order to assist them. However, while in the future, Tony and Colby learn about their awful fates at the end of the Chew series, so they resolve to escape their impending doom. The future sequences are drawn by Afu Chan, and the flashback to the 21st century is drawn by Rob Guillory. Some billionaires create an island where they can get away from the problems of the real world, most of which are their own fault.

On this island, they have a prison for all the normal people who have offended them, including a crusading investigative journalist.

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This series is sadly even more relevant now than when it was published, since billionaires are currently making windfall profits, while poor people have to choose whether to die of coronavirus or to starve. As I mentioned previously, my students loved the first volume of Farmhand, and it was a great way to start off my comics class. Willow Wilson will take over… eventually. In the first story, Miles takes his new baby sister to the park, but somehow winds up fighting an alligator.

This story is a lot of fun, and I appreciate that Billie is still a newborn and has not been subjected to Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome.

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The backup story, starring Uncle Aaron, is less interesting. A sad issue. I have far more confidence in him than in Jim Zub. The highlight of this issue is when the guard asks Conan if his loincloth is real fur and if he has it drycleaned. Thor has a funny conversation with Ratatoskr and then enters Helheim. There he meets some wolves who used to be Einherjar, and they blame him for their current sorry state.

That story is in public domain, but the name and character of Conan are still trademarked. The Cimmerian 1 was supposed to come out last year, but Diamond refused to carry it due to pressure from Marvel and Conan Properties. Later Ablaze reached an agreement with Conan Properties, the terms of which are not public, and The Cimmerian 1 finally did come out. This new comic does nothing to redeem Wiebe in my eyes. That was a while ago.

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Maxwell Prince, [A] Tyler Jenkins. This new series is about a somnambulist who wakes up to find himself in a weird town full of bizarre creatures.

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I stopped reading The Goon because it was repetitive this was an incorrect decision; see other reviews below , but I bought this issue because Roger Langridge was the guest writer. This is a funny comic and I plan on continuing with this series. This is an exciting, epic-length story, and it probably deserved the Alley Award it won in Edit: It turns out I already had this issue, but my copy is in awful condition, so I will keep the facsimile edition as a reading copy.

The highlight of this very early issue is the multiple scenes with the old Hmong lady, Mrs. This may be the only comic ever published that passes the Bechdel test with two Hmong women. I forget if this was ever mentioned again. A bunch of boring gag stories. Two incoherent and nonsensical SF stories, one of which is a reprint from In general, 8House was far less successful than other Graham projects like Prophet or Island.

Its ambitions were probably set too high. Surely Rucka could have come up with a way to make Lois less dependent on Superman. This issue wraps up the first storyline, and is much sexier than last issue. It also leaves room for a possible sequel. I will have to add Money Shot 1 and 2 to my next online comics order. Silk fights the Goblin Nation and tries to track down her brother.

This issue is an excessively quick read, like all issues of Silk. At least it has better art than is usual for this series. An adaptation of The Island of Dr. Moreau, with a very brief framing sequence showing the Goon reading the novel. Claw meets an attractive female centaur and goes on a quest to turn her back into a human. She tries to betray him and gets killed, and Claw discovers that she was never a human to begin with.

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The protagonist, Dementia, meets a guy named Herschel, and then her pet bear is captured by redneck hunters. This is a formulaic martial arts story, but it benefits from being drawn by an artist who was actually from East Asia. This results in comics which are spectacular to look at, but somewhat hard to read. In summary, his comics are like manga, but with much more detailed art. The storytelling demands to be read quickly, but the artwork demands to be pondered carefully.

This is an extremely well-designed comic, with slick covers and ultra-vivid coloring. There seem to have been six issues in total. I finally read The War of the Worlds just before classes were cancelled for the semester. Early in the novel, Wells emphasizes how at the beginning of the Martian invasion, people were living their normal lives, with no idea that their society was about to collapse. That seems to perfectly describe my own situation at the beginning of March.

Anyway, this issue is mostly devoted to characterization. The surviving characters spend an uncomfortable night in the open, then head back to town to warn the authorities, and then they run into some trigger-happy dude — I wonder if this is Fawkes. Answer: yes. Decorum was advertised as being about an extremely polite assassin, but that character only shows up near the end of the issue, and the series also has lots of other stuff going on.

The cats have to abandon their ship and crash-land on Dogworld. This issue is credited to M. I wonder why he uses that pseudonym. I hope we can read the end of this story soon. Sean tries to fix things, but keeps making them worse. By the end of the issue, Sean finds himself in a town full of medieval timber-framed architecture, where everyone dresses in animal skins, and there are biplanes and a zeppelin in the sky. Rahne has brought a Brood King egg back from space, and the Brood show up on Earth to claim it. This issue includes guest appearances by Gladiator and the Starjammers, as well as my favorite character from Wolverine and the X-Men, Broo.

This issue has the cutest cover of the entire series, showing baby Pompey playing with a bear cub. It may be inspired by the cover of Swamp Thing 95, where baby Tefe is playing with a baby Swamp Thing. The scene on the cover does occur in the comic, but the bear cub is actually the Spanish ghost dude, and he engineers the destruction of the boat. Also, two of the Corps of Discovery initiate a same-sex romance. This was an exciting issue.